About Karsten

A warm welcome to all. If you've managed to get all the way to the about me section, I thank you. I hope you feel connected on a 'real' level.

So now for the Goods:

Born in Miami, raised in Dallas. I try to stay true to my roots and live a Southern Gent lifestyle. It boils down to a lot of door holding.

I'm an actor, obviously, living in Brooklyn. I love commuting into the city on my dream bike, my white pista Dalmine Bianchi (ask me to tell you the story about my getting it, it's a good one.)

Currently, I'm a proud member of The Bats, the Flea Theater's resident acting company.

When I'm not acting, I can usually be found teaching kids theater (anywhere from 5-20) at the Atlantic Acting Studio.

I can also be found producing, for which I've found a new love. Currently, I'm producing a narrative web series called New World Sonata. It will be out this fall and I couldn't be more excited!