Well Dressed DJ

Two of my biggest loves outside of my acting are music and fashion.

So, as a savvy individual of this modern age, I made a blog that chronicles both of them.

I try to update as much as possible, reblogging fashion I admire or generating music reviews and recommendations.

Hope you enjoy!

¡Record Recap!

My favorite part of the early new year is discovering great albums I found scanning through other publications Year End Lists. Here are a few of my best finds and short blurbs about what you may like from them:

For the Hardcore:

Deafheaven- Sunbather


Sample Track: Sunbather

What You Should Expect:

Obliterating drums, guitars that are too loud even on a low volume, a vocalist that expresses his humanity through painful and empathetic howls, extreme drama, giving over to the transcendent journeys 10 minute epics take you on.

Stay Away If:

You appreciate knowing what people are saying without a lyric book, you think a song can make its point in 3 minutes.

For the Sexy:

Blood Orange- Cupid Deluxe


Sample Track: No Right Thing

What You Should Expect:

Sexy and cozy croons, lush and 80s-influenced production, rappers appearing out of left field, songs about love, songs about feeling shitty during love, guy/girl vocals, big bass-lines, emoting-for-days singing, RnB that focuses on pre- and post-coital emotions and less on the coitus itself.

Stay Away If:

You don’t like the 80s, you don’t want to be caught off guard mid-groove walk with tears in your eyes.

For the Curious:

William Onyeabor- Who is William Onyeabor?


Sample Track: Atomic Bomb

What You Should Expect:

Funk guitars, charming and off-kilter singing, spacey synthesizer interludes, warm and fuzzy production, bright melodies, chanting, playful drum rhythms, repetition of a fun groove for an entire song, silly love songs mixed with anti-war anthems all united under a weird Afro-future sound.

Stay Away If:

Fela! on Broadway was too adventurous for you, what people from the 70s thought that future sounded like makes you anxious.