Well Dressed DJ

Two of my biggest loves outside of my acting are music and fashion.

So, as a savvy individual of this modern age, I made a blog that chronicles both of them.

I try to update as much as possible, reblogging fashion I admire or generating music reviews and recommendations.

Hope you enjoy!

Why the need for MORE reviews?

So let me clear the air a bit.

In my opinion, music reviews have gotten. I don’t know. Too numerical. To combat this, I’m going to use this to really just talk about music I would already suggest to readers. 

Nowadays, people just look at a number, a star rating or a tag and justify there selection based on that. And what bothers me more than mere numbers is the reference loop that album reviews go to. “It sounds like Phillip Glass but with Ramones’ energy channeling late career Metallica with a dash of k-pop.” Honestly, if the music is good, who cares what it recalls?

So Here’s What I Plan To Do:

Talk about what I think the album sounds like, what is it good for, is it a daytime album? A nocturnal one? What is at the forefront? Vocals? Lyrics? That phat bass drop?

Hopefully you’ll find it enjoyable and helpful.